FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

When it comes to your Little Hero’s oral hygiene, you probably have more questions than answers. To make things easier, we’ve provided the answers that take the mystery out of pediatric dentistry and oral health issues. You can find answers on anything from “Is a routine cleaning for my child a good idea?” to “How badly does thumb sucking damage my child’s teeth?” Don’t see the question or answer you’re looking for? Let us know! We’re here to help and are happy to answer any question you may have.

  1. How can my Little Hero’s smile remain cavity-free?
  2. Are baby teeth important?
  3. At what age should my Little Hero visit a pediatric dentist?
  4. Is it Normal for Permanent Teeth to Take Long to Grow?
  5. How Can I Help My Little Hero Fight Tooth Decay?
  6. Is Candy Really Bad for My Little Hero?
  7. Can a Tooth Injury Cause My Little Hero’s Teeth to Turn Yellow?
  8. Can Food Stain My Little Hero’s Teeth?
  9. Is There a Certain Way to Clean My Baby’s Mouth?
  10. Is Little Heroes Pediatric Dentistry Only for Kids?
  11. Should My Little Hero Visit a General Dentist First?
  12. What Training Does a Pediatric Dentist Receive?
  13. Can the Cavity Creep Cause Tooth Sensitivity?
  14. Can Sinus Problems Cause Tooth Pain?
  15. Is There an Incorrect Way to Brush?
  16. Are Loose Teeth a Reason for Softer Foods?
  17. What Can I do if My Little Hero’s Tooth Won’t Fall Off?
  18. Should I Keep My Little Hero from Wiggling His/Her Loose Teeth?
  19. Should my Little Hero use a specific type of toothpaste?
  20. Can my Little Hero use any type of toothbrush?
  21. How can I make snacking fun for my Little Hero?
  22. What Happens if My Baby’s Cavity Forms on a Loose Tooth?
  23. If My Little Hero’s Cavity is Small, What Can be Done?
  24. How Young is Too Young for Flossing?
  25. Does Thumb Sucking Affect My Little Hero’s Teeth?
  26. How Can I Help My Child Stop Thumb Sucking?
  27. What Tips Should I Give My Little Hero About Flossing?
  28. What Super Tools Should My Little Hero Use to Clean a Fixed Retainer?
  29. What Steps Should My Little Hero Take When Cleaning a Removable Retainer?
  30. Which Steps Should be Followed When Brushing with Braces?
  31. What Can I do to Relieve My Baby’s Swollen Gums?
  32. Does Massaging My Baby’s Gums Relieve Their Discomfort?
  33. Are Teeth Cracks Normal for a Little Hero?
  34. Can the Food My Little Hero Eats Cause a Stinky Mouth?
  35. Is Bad Breath Caused by a Dry Mouth?
  36. What’s the Best Way to Fight Off Bad Breath?
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