Spotting the Difference: General Dentists vs. Pediatric Dentists

Every parent, like the true hero they are, will do everything to put a bright and healthy smile on their Little Hero’s face. Choosing the right dentist, however, can be a bit of a challenge. Should your child’s first visit be to a general or pediatric dentist? More importantly, what is the difference between the two? To help clear things up once and for all, the Caped Crusaders of Little Heroes Pediatric Dentistry will show you the primary differences between a general and pediatric dentist.

Heroic Training

All dentists attend dental school to provide the best procedures and care for your smiles, but a pediatric dentist’s training doesn’t stop there. These dentists spend an additional two to three years honing their skills to help Little Heroes through their mission to reach great oral health. Little Heroes go through an amazing journey of tremendous growth and our heroic pediatric dentists are trained to assist in their development.

Customized Action

There are a specific set of skills a pediatric dentist must have in order to effectively help your Little Hero fight off the insatiable Sugarbugs. These include assisting children with special healthcare necessities and understanding their unique needs.

Every Little Hero needs a backup team to help them through their mission. Our pediatric dentists spend much of their training learning the different ways to educate and teach the proper methods in attaining healthy oral hygiene. Unlike general dentists, our valiant team receives additional training in handling special equipment specifically designed to help a Little Hero.

Let the Journey Begin!

The mission against the Sugarbugs can be an action-packed adventure with the help of our Sidekicks and Caped Crusaders. Let our daring team teach and assist your Little Hero in a fun and exciting way! Visit Little Heroes Pediatric Dentistry in Mission today and let the journey to reaching perfect oral health begin!


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