Tips on Dealing with Your Little Hero’s Loose Teeth

Tips on Dealing with Your Little Hero's Loose Teeth
“My tooth is loose!” your Little Hero announces as he pokes and pulls on this new discovery. Over the next few years, your child will lose 20 baby teeth to make room for adult teeth. The process might be a little uncomfortable for you both, but it can also be fun at the same time. This is a milestone every child goes through on their journey to adulthood and Little Heroes Pediatric Dentistry has a few tips to prepare them for their new journey.
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Wiggle That Wiggly Tooth

Your Little Hero will more than likely begin losing teeth at the age of five or six. The bottom front teeth are usually the first to fall. It’s important to never yank a tooth out. Although your Little Hero will become fascinated with a wiggly tooth, encourage him or her to play with it using the tongue. Pulling a tooth too early can cause bleeding and infection. Remember, teeth will fall when the time is right.

Falling Out

Once their first tooth falls out, a quick rinse of the mouth with plain water should help stop any bleeding that occurs. If the tooth is knocked out or pulled out prematurely, there will likely be more bleeding. In this case, you’ll want to have your child bite on a piece of gauze. It may take up to an hour for the bleeding to subside. If you find that there is too much blood, give Little Heroes Pediatric Dentistry a call.

When Adult Teeth Grow

Sometimes adult teeth will come in earlier than expected and your Little Hero will have what some dentists call “shark teeth.” The term is used to describe when two rows of teeth form, but there’s no need to worry because the condition is normal. Baby teeth should eventually fall. However, if a tooth isn’t budging, you will want to make an appointment with Little Heroes Pediatric Dentistry. The tooth may need to be extracted by a professional.
Adult teeth will come in larger sizes, so don’t be surprised. Keep in mind that these are their permanent adult teeth, so this is when you should start supervising their brushing to make sure they are getting the proper care.

The Tooth Fairy

The Tooth Fairy gives parents and children a chance to make the tooth-losing process a fun one and you can be as creative as you want. Some parents leave Tooth Fairy notes thanking their Little Hero for their bravery, others simply leave a monetary amount. How much should you leave? polled 500 readers and found that the majority of Tooth Fairies leave $1. Over 40% of parents left a dollar or a coin.

Visit Little Heroes Pediatric Dentistry

It takes about six or more years for your Little Hero to lose all 20 baby teeth. Make sure their journey to getting their grownup teeth is as smooth and comfortable as possible with Little Heroes Pediatric Dentistry. Schedule a visit with our McAllen pediatric dentist to see how your little one’s teeth are doing.


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