Tooth Brushing Tips for a Healthy Little Hero

Helping your little one build healthy and strong teeth can be a challenging and testing experience.
Many parents don’t realize that dental care can start before a child’s first tooth comes in and it’s often best to introduce teeth cleaning habits at that time. Click To Tweet
Yes, at first they may get fussy or refuse to open their mouths every time you bring out the toothbrush, but don’t let that discourage you from teaching your little one the ways of good dental health.  Check out our six tips about tooth brushing for your little heroes.

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#1 The power of H2O.

To avoid leaving residue and food bits on your little hero’s gums or baby teeth after a meal offer them a drink of water. Click To Tweet 

Water will easily wash away any leftover particles that can wreak havoc on their growing teeth.  Not washing their mouths properly can lead to cavity-causing bacteria, which can produce acid that wears away the enamel if left in the mouth for too long. This can be especially detrimental for younglings who are building a foundation for healthy, happy teeth.  Also keep in mind that water from a community supply is fluoridated, which aids in tooth decay prevention for both children and adults across the country.

#2 The early bird gets the worm.

You and your little hero can get into the habit of teeth and gum maintenance early on and then reap the benefits later. If you start cleaning your baby’s gums even before their teeth come in they’ll likely become accustomed or comfortable with the whole tooth-brushing process. You can clean their gums by wiping them with a warm, dampened washcloth, or a piece of gauze.  Simply wrap the fabric around your finger and gently wipe the gums after each feeding. Make sure to rub off extra food or residue to make a healthy environment for your little hero’s teeth to grow strong.

#3 The right tools for the job.

Take your little hero on an adventure to the grocery store to help them find the best tools for their battle against the Superbugs. Letting them choose their own toothbrush and toothpaste might make all the difference when it comes to taking responsibility for dental care. He or she can pick toothpaste with a yummy flavor, but you should ensure it contains fluoride to protect those pearly whites.  A toothbrush with a favorite movie or TV character will also make the whole process more entertaining for them too.

#4 Share the load.

Giving your baby the responsibility of brushing its own teeth twice a day might not be the best idea. If they’re still learning how to properly brush, it is best for you to share the duty with them.  Let them take the morning session while you help in the evenings. The nighttime routine can include a deeper cleaning with your help. Start to introduce them to the process and make sure they have full control of flossing before letting them to do it alone.

#5 Enforce the power of patience.

Your little hero’s toddler years are all about learning and exploring, so don’t expect too much from them when it comes to teeth cleaning. Click To Tweet
You are laying the foundation for good oral hygiene and trying to instill healthy dental habits.  Your little hero will learn proper technique for brushing and flossing in due time. Remember, practice makes perfect.

#6 Schedule a dental checkup.

Your little hero should visit a dentist by at least by their first birthday. Your pediatric dentist can observe your child’s dental cleaning habits and make recommendations for improvement if any are needed. You’ll also have an ally to encourage and help remind your baby about the importance of brushing their teeth. A thumbs up from an adult other than mommy or daddy will likely have a positive effect on your baby’s willingness to take care of their teeth.

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